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Spoilers, typed while watching. Maybe bitching, maybe broken. And yes, I'm using this icon because I had it first. Yeah, different B word, but still.

1. Previously on: Yeah, thanks, I really needed to see that ALL OVER AGAIN. Blah blah lots of stuff happened and Mohinder does the VO.

2. Claire cleans up trash at the carnival. Jamie Maddrox is creepy, Lydia sends Claire in to give Samuel pancakes, and she'll see the files. Yep. This should be interesting. Not interested in the past. Well, maybe SHE is, ass. Wonder who he's going to pick up. Better not be me. Aand he's a lying bastard siccing Jamie on her. Charming.

3. Japan, and Hiro. Mmmmm, soba... Oh dear, Hiro is ALL confused! Poor thing!

4. Little Samuel & Little Joseph. Let's avoid too much of this, with the accents. Please.

5. Claire at the carnival again, and now she's bonding with Lydia over mother/daughter arguments. She's going to investigate and get herself into trouble...

6. Ando tries to rescue Hiro... Poor thing has been completely scrambled. Yeah, great going, dreadlock guy... (Wonder if dreadlock guy at least healed the tumor?)

7. Emma didn't get into med school. Now she'll be discouraged and give up completely. Oh, look who it is. Samuel, you son of a bitch, you had better not have anything to do with the rejection letter... (hah - I was right about the cello. Nifty.)

8. Hiro & Ando again... Yes, he has to rescue Mohinder. We know. Might have helped if he'd TOLD Ando about Mohinder in the first place...

9. Samuel & Emma - so he's looking for some guy from a Primatech file, who can grow plants. Is this so he can have a nice green Genosha instead of the dry hills?

10. Claire and Jamie Maddrox again - might have been less likely to cause trouble if you hadn't been SO FREAKING CREEPY, dude. Okay, now she's looking at the files, and yeah, it looks like that's why Samuel wants to find the guy. Now Doyle's found her. See? I didn't think he was hug-worthy! *sigh*

11. Hiro & Ando again - okay, yay, we've figured it out! Now, rescue Mohinder!

12. Samuel & Emma - oh great, she's a freaking siren? Well, now we know why Samuel wants her so much! (He can keep her...) Guess Claire is the bait for me? (Or to get Sylar back, if the show insists on pushing that angle. Ick.)

FUCKING Emergency Alert Required Weekly Test in the middle of prime time TV? WTF?! Goddamn it, Comcast. At least it was the middle of ads, but still, I bet not all shows were. Assholes!

13. Emma & Samuel - and new guy. Who has no name. And a FUCKING PLANE CRASH? YOU'RE BULLSHITTING IT AS A PLANE CRASH?

14. Claire & Doyle - are we at least talking sense into him? Oh good. And now Claire's talking to Lydia, and finding out the truth. Samuel's gonna come back in the middle of it and hear this... *sigh* The "someone that can stop him" is going to be Sylar, since he's the ONLY one the writers are willing to let keep all his damned abilities. Wankers. If they'd use their brains we could work together..

15. Samuel's real ability is lying like a rug. Yep. Ah, new guy has a name. Ian. And here we go, making pretty green Genosha. Just 'cause it's pretty don't get suckered in, Claire - Samuel's STILL going to be the one in charge. Gilded cages are still cages. Run, Claire. Get away, now.

16. Yeah, here we go. Was that the kids? Bennet's there. Here comes Claire in the taxi, I think? Yep. Okay, did I tell her the truth? Good speech. Military funerals make me cry my eyes out. Not to mention the Missing Man formation (heck, that even made me tear up watching the Tournament of Roses parade!). (Even though they were REALLY fast with the flag - that takes longer in real life) And remember, Mom, this is ALL YOUR FAULT. It could have been fixed. (Well, that may have been Heidi & the kids, or it could have been someone who just looks enough like them.)

17. Samuel plays with dirt ink, and Doyle can fly! And here's Sylar to... save the day? Or not. Smorgasbord for Sylar. Ew. Sandblasted. Don't think he's dead, Samuel

18. Claire & Bennet - why is she being a bitch to him NOW? Oh. Guess I did tell her the truth. CLAIRE, ASK IF HE FORGOT WHAT YOUR BLOOD CAN DO - the rest of it is all tangential...

19. Me, Mom - Don't even start with me. Yes, she does (deserve that). Claire's here, I'm going to go talk to someone who DOESN'T make me want to vomit. Huh. So they actually talked about West? Not that we'd ever know it otherwise... Oh, wait. Wanting to vomit again. No, really DON'T want to share any stories right now, thank you.

20. Bennet - and knife guy. Come ON, did you really think he'd be THAT careless? And now he's trying to take over a whole Japanese restaurant with blondie. LOL quaaludes! Of course, if he were actually using the brain cell and TALKED to knife guy (Edgar? Jeeze, I can never remember these names. Maybe because I honestly don't care all that much about 3/4 of the new cast?) he'd get info real quick - it's not like Edgar has a reason to keep the secrets.

21. Samuel wants Lydia to seduce info out of Sylar. Guess this is why we saw that blip in the ad. Bye, Lyds. Unless he's getting the empathy back again. Huh. Lots of Nathan images in there, along with Matt. Yep, there we go, empathy. Okay, folks fucking fix ME now.

22. Claire & Mom. Great picture there! Oh good, give her the tongue lashing I don't seem to be ready to do. Aaand... how did I get there that fast? It's not like I can fly, unless they're finally letting it be cumulative and just not freaking telling us! And I'm being an idiot, unless I picked up her ability without knowing? That would be REALLY NICE if it's fact... Please?

23. Bennet and blondie and knife-guy - LOL that's toro. Oh please, blondie has the brain cell?! You know, if we didn't have to have half of these new people, the established cast would be using the goddamned thing themselves and not being such freaking morons.

24. Oh yeah, I'm cracked, aren't I... *sigh* Guess I'm not fixed yet. *sigh* If I think about it, then I shatter, ok? Just don't push me, damn it!

25. Bennet and knife-guy - and a freezer full of boxes of ICE. In case you couldn't figure out that it was a freezer. Then again, considering the lack of brain cells, maybe half of us couldn't. Okay, knife-guy is talking - maybe they can share the brain cell and do some good.

26. Sylar & Samuel - probably the most interesting scene in the whole episode(s). Who's going to win the lie-off?

27. Bennet and blondie screw up with Edgar and lose the brain cell. And whatever info it was he gave them. *sigh*

28. S&S, and the weirdest body hair pattern in the history of the world. And dirt ink. Please tell me it didn't show Claire.

29. "I have a love-hate relationship with rooftops." WOW, continuity! I'm fine? I don't look like I've been crying my eyes out, so how am I fine? Okay, I want to go flying? I want to find out if West is another secret Petrelli?

30. Bennet & blondie - God, can the delivery be any more stilted between these two?

31. Ah, so I'm going flying. Breaking now, thank you.

32. Okay, wasn't that a COMPLETELY different picture a moment ago? Hello, continuity department, WHAT ARE YOU GETTING A PAYCHECK FOR AT ALL?! That one line about rooftops? Srsly?

33. Oh just freaking talk to him, Claire. And oh please. Did I HAVE to be right? *sigh*

34. Next week, now I have Mom's ability? Or is it just her dream? Can't really tell. And finally, MOHINDER! w00t!

Damn it, it's hard to type when crying my eyes out.

Date: 2010-01-05 03:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I feel stalked.

*mun hugs tight*

Date: 2010-01-05 03:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hopefully we can protect each other somewhat?


Date: 2010-01-05 06:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Better than depending on the others in our family.


Date: 2010-01-05 03:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
3. Japan, and Hiro. Mmmmm, soba... Oh dear, Hiro is ALL confused! Poor thing!

God, now I want some!

Hiro proves he's badass with a cleaver. Nice!

And finally, MOHINDER! w00t!

And Ando gets to get pushed around in a chair! I wonder if Mohinder breaks him accidently. Has anyone heard anything about JKL having some kind of accident on the set?

And we're back to Sylar's twu wuv for Claire-bear and how he'll take over the world just for her.


Last time I wanted to puke this bad, I had a nearly 102 temperature.

Date: 2010-01-05 04:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Obviously it's catching since it's Mohinder pushing the chair.

I just hate this whole thing with Claire. It's creepy, but I know they're eventually going to have her fall for him. The only way it should end is that Claire manages to kill him.


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