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As usual, typed while watching, may be ranty.

1. Previously on - lots of stuff happened, Samuel was a lying bastard, etc. And I had to switch tapes from Chuck so I didn't get to see all of it.

2. Bennet's worried about Claire. Blondie's still there. Gah. Oh, finally, she's gone!

3. Samuel's running low on ink supplies. Uh huh. He needs Lydia on his side -- well, there's a fuck lot of better ways to do it than what you have been doing, dude... (btw, lots of plant and earth elements in that ink he makes -- explains how he uses it.) Oh no, no, NO, I am NOT running away to LEAD the carnival!

4. Matt's cooking, and STILL WITH JANICE. Dude! Heh - Bennet 'testing his security'. We all admit it's a bad idea? A BAD IDEA?!

5. Oh look, Primatech is the asylum... Except it's greener. And dirtier. Yay, Ando to the rescue!

6. Bennet and Matt are stalking Vanessa. Oh Matt...

7. Well, at least I'm smart enough to try to tell Bennet about it. Now what, she called me there? Oh, NIFTY. And now I'm going to see the compass on it. Yep. And show mine to her.

8. So, Vanessa turned him down when he asked her to marry him? I kinda thought it was her parents/mother who got rid of him. Did I misinterpret something from the earlier episode, or have they ALREADY screwed up their own continuity within the season?!

9. Okay, now I know Samuel lied about who he is. At least some of us are putting pieces together. Oh, thanks Mom, just barge in. And so much for putting pieces together...

10. Hiro & Ando - Ando switches the drugs. Heh. Smart move, for a bit... Oops.

11. Seriously? That floor? Could you be more obvious? At least the helix design appearing everywhere was more subtle! But why are Bennet and Matt suddenly amateur hour? They were way better at this kind of thing when they were going after "the Walker system" -- is it just 'cause they're out of practice working together, or what?

12. Mom, not helpful. Do you not GET it? This whole 'it doesn't matter' bullshit -- it's absurd, Mom. And no, I don't think that for one minute, but I'll do what I HAVE to do when you're being oh SO helpful.

13. Heh - How fast can you run, Hiro? Oh good, at least Mohinder isn't going to kill him yet... It's like swimming but inside-out. Bwahahahahaha. Okay, that was probably the silliest Mohinder scene EVER. <3

14. Bennet & Matt -- wow, Bennet, you've really kind of lost the thread there, haven't you... Bennet, go talk to Claire. Jeebus. Now you're gonna go and do something even MORE stupid?

15. Oh yay, here's the dream... Unclear, Mom? I dunno, seemed pretty fucking clear to me - it's not HER who's going to kill thousands, it's her ability. Although there was probably a better way to handle that...

16. Ando, Mohinder, & Hiro again - ahaha the Stormtroopers and their Ewoks! Yeah, Mo, be nice to him. And Mo's going to have Ando zap him. I sure hope this works! (And maybe zaps the tumor away?) Hee! (Honestly, these three are a more effective team than Bennet & Matt? (and two of them are drugged and the third is brain-scrambled!))

17. Bennet finally sucks it up and goes to talk to Claire. Oh Noah, you had better not break in and steal the compass later... She'll never forgive you.

18. Oh good, Matt's growing a pair too. Janice, shut up. *sigh*

19. Vanessa at the carnival - she's going to turn him down again and he's going to throw a big ugly fit... Samuel, you just don't get it, do you? And exactly where is the carnival's little pocket universe, anyway?

20. Blondie's back. UGH. HIVES. Please stop. Saved by the Teleporting Trio! (Thanks, guys - I needed that. In another moment I was going to claw my eyes out...)

21. Preview for next week - after yet another wanting to claw my eyes out moment, O. M. G!!!
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