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As always, typed while watching; definitely spoilers, probably griping. Especially as I am not a fan of a certain relationship, which just comes off as REALLY ICKY to me. Sorry, folks!

1. Previously on: (partially missed 'cause of switching tapes from Chuck) Lots of stuff including how changing the past is bad, Samuel is obsessed, and Claire is having issues.

2. Claire & Gretchen - icky breakfast... Claire is uncomfortable with PDAs, and eek! Sylar is chatting up Gretchen?

3. Hiro, Ando, Mo, & Bennet - suddenly Mo can build little devices, too? Hiro's gonna drop the glass. And Mo is leaving... why? A promise to a girl? Please do NOT let it be because of Maya... It had better be Molly! Whoops, there he goes. Aaaaand the trial is at the diner! (and by the way, ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

4. Claire's study group -- oops. Why Claire Bennet? I have NO IDEA - because the writers said so, I guess?

5. Samuel gives Vanessa a fancy dress and thinks it'll make it all alright. Yeah. Now he's going to take her home. Hah. 'Remember other times I was an ass to you? Good times, huh?'

6. Ando at least brings Hiro to the hospital, where hee! Adam! And Dad's scary too. Heh. I love the court in a diner... Uh oh, bb Ando and Kimiko...

7. Sylar is 'off his game' and Claire's going to help him get it back? Oh please. Make it stop... So he's going to use Gretchen to get her to help him? Okay, that's a bit more like him... sorta. Ahahaha puppy eyes! (I do 'em better...) Sylar, quit with the rapist bit -- really not a good addition to your repetoire...

8. Samuel and Vanessa -- Samuel, I don't really think you can recreate the past after what you've done... Srsly, a milkshake?

9. Hiro on trial -- I keep getting distracted by how hot Adam is in the suit. And oh dear, that was a bad opening to give him...

10. Sylar and Claire -- You know, he does have a point... OW. And now he has a point in his eye. EW EW EW. What is with the 'let's do gross things to Sylar' episodes these past couple of weeks?

11. Hiro on trial -- ohhhh dear, that's twisting things a great deal. Hahaha I love Adam and Sylar. Great timing and expressions! And he hasn't brought up anything that happened to himself -- good work. Ando might, though.

12. Samuel and Vanessa -- now they're being cute... and yep, he's taking her to the 'garden' and there's a cottage. Vanessa, you might end up trapped in a little pocket universe -- be careful, gal. (And what the heck is doing that lighting effect? are they standing over water that's lit by golden lights? 'Cause dappled sunlight through the leaves doesn't light up the underside of peoples' faces...) Oh dear. Broke his heart. Well, this could be bad for everyone...

13. Claire rescues Gretchen, but here he comes... Um. Not exactly subtle there, Sylar. What happened to the days where you were just lurking in the shadows and suddenly *there*? This could draw attention. Ahahaha EMO SYLAR! See? He IS a Petrelli! (sorry -- couldn't resist...) Go for it, Claire, kiss her! Hahaha oh dear! Okay, then good thing she didn't kiss her, because again, ew! So, he has to lose all his abilities? Give 'em to me? And wow, what an interesting discussion to have out loud in the middle of a room. (Hahaha -- that expression! 'I solved her love life, now what about mine? ...where's Mohinder?')

14. Hiro on trial -- ADAM KNOWS QUANTUM LEAP!!! (Guess that was some of that full-immersion catching up, huh? (And of course, it's just because it's Hiro's brain, but still!!) (Hiro!mun points out, it was an NBC show, too)) Come on, don't let him die! Ando has to do something...

15. Commercial - Grunny does a 'More You Know' thing. Who says I don't want to see you inside my medicine cabinet, you great silly man!

16. Hiro again. Come on, don't kill him! Uh oh... fighting against Adam, eh? Damn, he's hot in that suit, but we already know he's going to have to die if Hiro's coming back. Sorry, Adam... And there's his Mom. Okay, is she going to fix it? Yep! YAY! (Sorry, Adam -- I wish you didn't have to lose and die again. That was very mean of them...)

17. Oh dear, yeah, Samuel, you look scary. Please don't make another sinkhole... oh dear. Yeah, he's cracked. Oh. The whole town. NOT good.

18. Ending montage: Vanessa is leaving and sniffing the pretty flower and has no idea that an entire town is gone because she turned Samuel down; Claire & Gretchen talking; Ando talking to Hiro; Sylar comes to visit Matt. Oh DEAR.

19. Next week preview: obviously, Bennet has LOST HIS FUCKING MIND. Or the writers have, but srsly, WHUT?
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