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As usual, typed while watching, spoilers, maybe ranty, etc. (After watching, oh yes, it's ranty.)

1. Previously on: half lost due to changing tapes from Chuck; once again, we get to see Mom forget I've had that ability before, Samuel pitched a monumental hissy-fit, Sylar was in the closet with Claire.

2. Samuel at the carnival - the carnival is closed because everyone saw what he did, and Lydia is pissed at him. Um, yeah, you ARE the villain. Oh yeah, you love them, as long as they do whatever you tell them to. Samuel, you do not understand love -- obsession, maybe, but not love.

3. Yay, vision dreams... And mom calls. Nifty.

4. Matt comes home and there's Sylar. Wow, talk about unwelcome house guests...

5. Claire's going to see Bennet, Gretchen is there with her but isn't going in with her. "We were in a good place before all this." Yeah. We KNOW. And then the writers did... this. Oh ick, Blondie. So, once again, Bennet will be acting like a moron who can't find his way out of a paper bag, and she'll be the brains of the operation. And they're hunting down the carnival. Yep. There goes the 'Claire hates what Bennet does' bit again. I don't get why she doesn't get it (oh, yeah, the writers. That's right...)

6. Matt & "Gabe" (*snicker*) - Matt doesn't want to help, but he's kind of talked him into it. Maybe. (BTW, don't fix him before I get the full empathy back, huh?)

7. Oh, thanks, Mom. You want to be sure I'm okay? I'm NOT OKAY, and it's your fault. I'm going to go after him, so this could be interesting...

8. Claire & Gretchen - Claire wants to go warn the carnies. And Gretchen's not talking her out of it.

9. Yep, here we go, Blondie has the brains, Bennet's running off half-cocked. *sigh* I HATE WHEN WRITERS DUMB DOWN THE REGULARS TO MAKE THE NEW CHARACTERS LOOK GOOD!!

10. Claire shows up at the carnival and warns Lydia. Jamie Maddrox is listening, & goes to warn Samuel. Of course. And he's spinning his webs yet again. "You have to turn yourself over" -- um, you mean "turn yourself in"? Claire's trying to talk sense into him, but I don't know if he's REALLY going to listen, or if he's going to go in and try to kill them/bury them. Bennet and that cell phone, on missions, again. *snicker* Bennet's going for it? This could be messy... (I still don't get how Bennet & Blondie could be a Primatech team, considering it's long been established "One of us, one of them")

11. Samuel speaks to the carnies, and manages to get them to be sympathetic. Sneaky fucking bastard. Okay, is it Jamie Maddrox firing? 'Cause Bennet a) wouldn't miss and b) wouldn't fire haphazardly into the crowd. Samuel would already be dead, and he'd be the only one. Just don't quite know how Samuel had time to set it up considering he was with Lydia and Claire the whole time as far as I know... But anyway, now Claire will be pissed again because she'll believe Bennet broke his word and blah blah blah...

12. Matt & Sylar - Matt can't do it. Interesting...

13. Yep, called it. Ooh, did Blondie get hit? And oops, there goes Bennet. Lights out. Ack, Lydia got shot? Is Claire going to use her blood to heal her? What's the matter, Blondie, not ambidextrous, too? I was pretty sure you could do EVERYTHING... Oh well, now Lydia has to die, since she knows. And no, it's not too late, damn it, stupid fucking writers. *sigh* SO. They could salvage this by having Claire wait until she's alone with the body, bring her back and tell her to run after Lydia tells her the truth, but they won't do that because they need Claire to think Bennet is an evil lying bastard. And of course, they've managed to kill off the one new character I like the best. Way to go, writers!

14. Okay, Claire's trying to call him... Oh yay, now they're going after Claire. HAH. "We're better than this." Yeah, oh, you're SO much better than that. Right. At least she believes he didn't do it.

15. Matt & Sylar - Oh Janice, you really shouldn't have done that. Jesus, Matt, that was hideously, hideously evil. Matt, what the FUCK?! Was that an echo of Maury, or leftovers from Sylar in your head? Ah, I'm here. Fix me please! And good gods, don't let Janice give you advice about me!

16. Emma goes to the carnival. Now. Yeah, great timing. Well, she'll be totally snowed.

17. Heh -- yep, snagged his ability. He doesn't have to save them, I could take the abilities and save them. Really, I could! MATT YOU BASTARD! DID YOU DO THAT TO ME?! (Or am I just stuck in there where Sylar is?)

18. Blondie is calling... who? UGH. TRACY. Well, there's a perfect storm of obnoxious characters and crappy writing about to happen...

19. Edgar's back, and at least blaming Samuel for 'letting it happen' - if he knew the truth he'd have julienned him already. And now Samuel's going to sell them a boo hoo story. And get them all hyped up to attack. Oh, just great.

20. Next week: I'm still trapped, but Sylar's there. Claire is going to try to rescue Bennet, and Samuel's going to possibly bury them. How nice...
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