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Here's an updated post of what's where. It's subject to change depending on WTF happens in S3, because Kring seems determined to make playing this character incredibly complicated. Far more so than I'm sure I can figure out right away, so... subject to change. Yeah.

So, as of right now, there is the canon-ish Peter who was involved with Claude when Claude was training him and has a relationship with Nathan (something that's been off and on since he was 17 and isn't going away). He misses Claude even though Claude hurt him when he ran off to protect himself, and if Claude finds him and begs forgiveness he'll probably forgive him and get back together with him. Things happening are pretty much in line with the show (I don't know if Nathan's in S3 -- I avoid spoilers like the plague. Spoil me, and I will hunt you down and make you work in my office. Believe me, you'll wish I killed you.), and this will probably adjust depending on what happens in S3. This Peter feels betrayed by what Adam did, and probably isn't going to be very happy to see him. There may be some future!Peter stuff in prompt responses, and possibly some RP, depending on what happens. I may set up a separate tag for anything that happens in that future but I don't know yet. I'll edit here if it's getting its own tag. Obviously this is future!Peter v 2.0, so any 5YG stuff will be separate. The tag for this verse will be !verse: canon-ish

There is the Peter who will not be getting back together with Claude (he was involved with him while they were training but figures the man ran off and isn't interested), who does have a relationship with Nathan (see above), and has forgiven Adam for what he did in Odessa. Once Adam was rescued, he ran into him again (possibly to save Nathan's life after the assassination attempt?), and their little fling after escaping from the Company blossomed into a rather serious romance. Nathan is sure Adam's going to hurt his baby brother, but Peter's willing to risk it. He's also hoping that Adam will realize there are ways to help the world without destroying it and starting anew. He wants to take down the Company and make the world safe for all of them, and hopes that Adam will join with the rest of them to help. Some elements of this may incorporate S3 stuff, we'll see as we go. The tag for this verse will be !verse: Adam

There is the actual 5YG AU which hasn't gone really far due to various real life events over the summer for most involved. I may occasionally write prompts for this future!Peter. He's the one who blew up in Kirby Plaza and killed all those people, who became a resistance leader when Nathan's government went after the Specials, etc. etc. He's not a happy camper. The tag for this verse will be !verse: 5yg

There's also a kind of sideways 5YG 'verse where Hiro, Claire, and Peter are the resistance heads -- dunno if we're making it an actual separate universe and I haven't posted anything in it myself -- just participated in some RPs. If I do post something in it, I guess it will be !verse: 5yg AU

And then there are two things that really never got anywhere -- may still exist at some point. When I have more time. (Hah!) There is the evil AU ([ profile] project_rubedo) which isn't actually up and running yet, where Peter's DNA has been used by the Company in experiments to give normal people abilities. Haven't really decided what we're going to do with this yet, but we've got the comm and will probably be looking for players once we hash out participation requirements and applications and that kind of thing. The tag for this verse will be !verse: project_rubedo

And then there is what I hope is an evil AU where Peter can't save Nathan after the assassination attempt and he goes a little crazy [at this point, that may be useless, it may not. However, I'm holding this in case they do kill Nathan. Now, or later -- when Nathan does die, Peter's not going to take it well...] I haven't written anything in this 'verse yet, but I'm really itching to. I've made an icon for crazy!Peter, and I think it's neat, and I want to use it. ;) The tag for this verse will be !verse: lib

!verse: open is for things like memes and other blather where depending on who comments how would split into different 'verses. I figure that's the easiest way to deal with those.

More might be added to this as necessary. Everyone confused now? Good, 'cause I am!
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