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It's one of those nights. He'd expect to look up past the lights of the city and see a full moon blazing in the sky, but it's still a bit lopsided, working its way to full but not quite there yet. And yet, the lunatics are out in force.

By the time he gets off shift and goes back home his nerves are jangled, every sense hyper-aware. The place is empty -- he can tell that Adam isn't there just by the way it feels -- and that only serves to intensify his discomfort. With a sigh he strips off his uniform and tosses it into the hamper, then heads for a long, hot shower.

As he's soaping his hair he reaches out with his abilities, relieved to find that Adam is heading back to the apartment. And when he reaches out further, just looking for each of his friends and family to know if they're safe, he realizes that Sylar is heading away from generally the same place that he picked up Adam's movements from. As he rinses himself clean, he wonders if they were out together tonight, and blinks in surprise at the slight flare of jealousy he feels at that.

Finally clean and dry, he settles on the couch waiting for Adam to come in, and the tension comes rushing back. After a short while, it's all he can do to keep from jumping to his feet and pacing back and forth, and when Adam's key turns the lock he does jump to his feet to greet his lover.

Instead of the welcome he planned, though, the first words out of his mouth are, "Where have you been?"
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Title / Prompt: 3/08 - When love is not madness, it is not love. - Pedro Calderon de la Barca.
Character: Peter Petrelli
Warnings: Petrellicest
Pairings: Nathan/Peter
Your character's fandom: Heroes
Word count: 165 per PocketWord
Rating: hard R *snicker* [yes, sometimes I am twelve...]
Notes: Yeah, I know [ profile] notacargojet did the same one, but honestly, how can I pick a different topic? ;)
Disclaimer: Not mine -- if they were, Claude and Peter would be shagging invisibly on the rooftop, and that edit in the scene in Odessa would never have happened.
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