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For: [ profile] badcompany_muse
Prompt: [040] Temper
Warnings: Spoilers for S3 to date
Notes: none
Wordcount: 355 per WordPerfect

S3 Spoilers! )
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For: [ profile] badcompany_muse
Prompt: September 2008 - [031] Silence
Warnings: SPOILERS and speculation for 1st 2 episodes of 3rd season
Notes: under the cut to avoid spoiling
Wordcount: 181 per WordPerfect

Spoilers for 3x01 and 3x02 )

OOC Author's Notes )
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For: [ profile] badcompany_muse
Prompt: August 2008 - [025] Forbidden
Warnings: m/m incestuous relationship; masturbation
Notes: If you don't like Petrellicest, don't read this
Wordcount: 360 per WordPerfect

Adult content - if you don't like, don't read! )
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For: [ profile] badcompany_muse
Prompt: 7/08 - True & False
Warnings: none
Notes: Set early in the 5YG 'verse, when Peter is still actively fighting
Wordcount: 260 per WordPerfect

[locked up tighter than a DHS facility]

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, or however that quote goes. That's how they see me -- I'm America's Most Wanted, and I'm also the lead general in the war to free my people from tyranny. Tyranny, I might add, in the form of one of our own. My own brother, President Nathan Petrelli.

I could bring him down in an instant -- I could out him as one of us, and popular opinion would turn on him so fast. The masses would be screaming for his impeachment and for shipping him off to one of the Homeland Security facilities...

But it wouldn't change the laws, and it wouldn't fix anything. All it would do is result in me betraying my brother -- and despite everything he's done, I won't do that. I can't do that.

Not when this terrible world we live in is my own fault. They don't know it, all those people who look up to me and fight for me. All those people who fight for our freedom with me as their inspiration. None of them know I'm the one who exploded at Kirby Plaza and killed all those people in New York. None of them know Nathan lied and covered it up to protect me. None of them know I'm a mass-murdering monster.

No, Nathan keeps my secret and I keep his, and everything in this hellish world of ours is built on top of those lies.

I still hear the screams when I try to sleep at night.

I wonder if he does, too...



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