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7.4 - Power

Despite all of the abilities he's absorbed over the years, his empathy still grounds him well enough to keep him mostly human.

Muse: Peter Petrelli (Dontrightly_die 'verse)
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 22
Written for [ profile] musebysentence
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31.7. - Design

With just one hand held up high, I can blot you out, out of the sky...

He stands in the center of the Zen garden and breathes in, holds it, breathes out, pauses...

Repeats again and again and again, until the sun sets and the night closes in, and he stands calm and quiet, perfectly still. The grains of sand rise up into the air, one by one, the rocks following after.

Without even a twitch of gesture, sand swirls slowly into models of spinning galaxies, stars and planets and nebulae whirling around inside them. In the darkness, the grains of sand start to glow, lighting up with all the colours of the rainbow, painting the night sky with all the glory of the universe.

It circles slowly around with him standing at the pivot point, not a single motion out of place. If an astronomer were there, they would be amazed at the intricacy and accuracy of the sand universe and its fluid motion.

He slowly sits down, except that he's not sitting on anything; instead floats at the center of his creation while the rocks from the garden begin to spin around in counter-motion to the rest of it. He smiles, watching his sand universe spin around him, slowly draws one galaxy after another in for close inspection then unerringly sends it back to its place.

Finally, either satisfied, calmed or bored, he stops his creation's motion, and lets the sand fall back into the garden grain by grain, quietly forming a perfectly sculpted pattern. The ripples of rake marks appear as if an invisible gardener were putting finishing touches on the garden before sunrise, the rocks settling into their new pattern some before and some after the marks that will encircle them.

And when it is done, he slowly stands and walks from the garden, feet three inches above the surface of the sand.

Muse: Peter Petrelli
Fandom: Heroes (dontrightly_die 'verse)
Word Count: 301 per WordPerfect
Written for [ profile] just_1_word
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For this Wednesday, either find or create an image that gives you a sense of peace.

As a bonus, or for the graphically challenged, write us a little bit on the topic. Interpret it how you like.

Peace )

Muse: Peter Petrelli
Fandom: Heroes
Word Count: 106 per WordPerfect
Written for [ profile] charloft
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2009.13.A.3. - You have landed on the planet called Historica. This planet houses the largest museum in the galaxy, where artifacts of every kind, from every planet and society, all sit on display. While going through it all, you discover that something of yours is there, in a glass case. What is it?

AU stuff here )

Muse: Peter Petrelli
Fandom: Heroes
Word Count: 554 per WordPerfect
Written for [ profile] realmof_themuse


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