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He had let Adam go and stayed behind, giving him his space this time because his lover seemed to really need it. He'd hoped that if Adam got lonely, he'd call -- he could be there in a moment, and do whatever was needed to help Adam feel better.

Except that Adam didn't call anyone, but gradually most of them gravitated there anyway. He was upset by this and at first completely misunderstood what had happened, making things even worse as he snapped at both Sark and Baileigh. Sylar was just as affected by everyone's moods, but he understood his twin's annoyance, and felt bad that he'd been so wrapped up in his own mess that he hadn't seen everything else going on around him. He'd even missed the second wedding for Claire and Hiro, the traditional one held in Japan. He felt more than enough guilt over that and the mood was starting to crush him. For someone who was supposed to be so caring and empathic, he really wasn't doing that good a job.

He didn't even have a shift this night to keep his mind occupied, and just sitting around in the apartment, alone, wasn't helping one bit. Finally, he gave up, and decided he had to go see someone. After checking his new Twitter account, he learned that practically the only ones not visiting Adam in the Hamptons were Claire and Hiro. Sure, they were newlyweds, but... Guilt won out, and he popped over to their apartment; reached out to make sure he wasn't interrupting something he really didn't want to interrupt, and then rang the doorbell.

And prayed that he wasn't going to make a total ass of himself, or be the biggest third wheel ever.


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