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Q & A 06. When you were younger did you ever run away?

Peter had made it nearly seven blocks before it got dark out and he started to get scared. How was he going to catch up with Nathan when his brother was in a car heading all the way to Annapolis, and he was on foot, carrying everything he could stuff into one of his brother's camping backpacks? He didn't like the look of some of the people who passed him on the busy sidewalk, and he could barely lift the backpack any more. He knew he should have taken the wagon instead, but that would have meant opening the garage, and then Mom and Dad would have heard him, and there would have been yelling.

But he had to find Nathan, because his brother couldn't just leave him behind like this. He didn't care if it was important and Nathan was going off to learn how to protect the country, he couldn't just leave! Who was going to keep him safe from bullies, or help him do his homework, or keep him company when Mom and Dad had their dinner parties with the creepy people who made him feel so uncomfortable?

He had to stop; nearly fell over as the backpack pulled to one side. He let it slide off his back, then sank to the curb beside it and started crying. He didn't want to, but he was just so tired and alone and Nathan was never coming back...

"Pete? Oh god -- Pete!"

He looked up, hardly daring to believe it as Nathan ran across the street and pulled him into his arms. "Nathan!"

"Pete, what the hell are you doing? Pop got in touch -- he said you ran away -- I was so worried!"

"I wanted to go with you," he finally blurted through the tears, clinging to his brother. "Don't leave me here all alone..."

"Oh, Pete, I have to go away to school -- you can't come with me. Come on, we talked about this..." Nathan hefted the backpack, his eyes going wide when he felt how heavy it was. "You lugged this all the way from home?"

"I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed..." Peter answered with a pout. Then he looked up at Nathan and sniffled. "You're going to make me go home, aren't you..."

"You have to be a good boy, so Ma and Pop don't get worried or mad. And I promise I'll call you every week, okay? Come on, Pete, we talked about this before," Nathan said, holding out his hand to lead him back to the waiting car. Finally, Peter took his hand and nodded, and hurried to scramble into the passenger seat. "Okay, buckle up," Nathan said, carefully pulling out into traffic.

"Am I in trouble?" Peter asked softly, giving his brother an adoring look. Nathan was his hero, and always would be.

"No. But you have to be good from now on, okay? I have to go off to school, and you have to be brave for me. I love you, Pete, but you have to promise me."

"Okay," he said reluctantly, "I promise..." Then he smiled and looked at the dark sky, and asked, "Will you stay until tomorrow, now?"

"Yeah, I'll stay," Nathan answered, reaching over to squeeze his hand. "But don't do this again tomorrow, because then you'd be breaking your promise to me."

"I won't," Peter said, nodding and squeezing back. And no matter how difficult things got, he didn't run away again until after his eighteenth birthday.

Muse: Peter Petrelli
Fandom: Heroes
Word Count: 585 per WordPerfect
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