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Title / Prompt: The Quantex Fund
Character: Peter Petrelli
Warnings: dumb fluff
Pairings: none
Your character's fandom: Heroes
Word count: 276 per MS Word
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine -- if they were, Claude and Peter would be shagging invisibly on the rooftop already...
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"Nathan, what the hell is all this stuff?"

"What stuff, Peter?" his brother hollered down the stairs. Peter frowned and looked expectantly up towards his bedroom, impatiently waiting for him to come out.

"This stuff -- these boxes and crap. Who the hell are the Quantex Fund?"

There was a shuffling sound, a thump, and then a grumbled curse, "Damn it!"


"Stubbed my damned toe," Nathan growled, hopping out of the room on one foot, scowling and rubbing his injured foot. "Now, what crap?"

"This -- all these boxes. All this Quantex Fund stuff. Who the heck are they?"

"Oh!" Nathan sighed and shook his head. "You remember those post cards we had made up for the campaign? Well, apparently the same printing house made up a bunch of leaflets for this place. Whoever they are."

"Okay. So... why is this all here?"

Nathan laughed, and Peter found himself grinning without really knowing why. "Take a look at the address..."

Peter bent down to look at the messy address label on one of the many boxes -- it looked like it had been mangled in a printer. "Manhattan... Kansas?!" He looked up at Nathan to see his brother nodding. "The post office doesn't even accept 'Manhattan' for a New York address -- what the heck... Wait, they shipped these UPS. You signed for them? Why did you sign for them?!"

"Not me -- I'd have told them to take them right back and read the damned label. No, the kids got helpful..."

Peter started laughing. "So... you think the Quantex Fund got your campaign postcards?" When Nathan shot him a scowl, he just laughed louder.
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Title / Prompt: The danties fondness made her hoard
Character: Peter Petrelli
Warnings: none
Pairings: none
Your character's fandom: Heroes
Word count: 326 per MS Word
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine -- if they were, Claude and Peter would be shagging invisibly on the rooftop already...
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Okay. See that photograph on the ornate mahogany dresser? No, the one to the right -- the two guys standing with their arms around each others' waists? That's my brother Nathan and me. He's the taller, more athletic looking one. I'm the skinny one with the floppy hair. It's one of the many photos our Mom has. Along with all those now-empty fancy perfume bottles crowded on the dresser, the silver hair brush and comb set, the matching silver man's hair brush and shaving brush... All of the jewelry, the fabric flowers for her hair, the... Yeah, all of the stuff up there.

Gifts to her, mainly from our Dad. He's gone now -- until a few weeks ago, I thought he'd died of a heart attack, but apparently he was depressed and killed himself. Not that this was public knowledge until Nathan found a way to use it -- and my recent... erratic behaviour -- in his campaign for Congress.

She's kept them all, whether they're useful or not, all because Dad gave them to her. She loved him. A lot. And I think I inherited that capacity to love from her -- I feel everything so intensely... sometimes too intensely. And I'm pretty sure it didn't come from Dad. He loved Mom, and he loved Nathan. Me, he put up with because I was his flesh and blood, and if he didn't have such an old fashioned Italian view of family, he wouldn't have even done that.

Mom has all her mementos of Dad, hoarded away so that when she isn't busy meddling in Nathan's campaign -- or shoplifting socks, but that's another story for another day -- she can look at them all and remember the good times they had together. One of these days, I hope I can find someone to love that much; someone to love me that much. But first I need to survive this and not destroy the world...


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