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I'd like to thank everyone for these additional nominations -- I'm really excited by the one with Adam! Vote for us :D

For Section four - Muses:

Best Portrayal of Muses In Non-Canon Relationships (with Adam :D )

Honorable Mentions
Best Portrayal of Muses In Non-Canon Relationships (with Sylar -- and that's as BROTHERS, not any other way, folks! Shush, you who know about Petrelli quirks. Just... shush!)

Also, there's: The Best Optimist in the Face of Canon Authorial Crap, EVER!
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I'd like to thank everyone who nominated me for the Winter 2009 Tammy Awards -- even if some of the categories are a little odd... And a lot of them are making me blush...

Best Manscaping
I Wanna See You Naked! Award
Overall Most Gorgeous
Gay/Lesbian Couple of the Year (with Adam)
My Dream Orgy Cast (Twice -- once with Bennet & Claude, and again with a whole lot of people and oh my god that's Thompson's fault, isn't it!)
Forbidden Lust Couple of the Year (uh oh...)
Kinkiest Couple (with Adam)

Honorable Mentions
Sexiest Hair
Ass of Doom!
"Is That a Banana in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?" Best Package
You Make Skinny Sexy Award
Best Smile
Most Unique Personal Style
Abs of Steel
The Gayer Player of the Year
The "I’m Not a Slut, I’m Just Popular" Award
Livejournal Freak on a Leash Award
Ultimate Object of Desire Award
Best Friendship (with Claire)
Most Dysfunctional Family (with Nathan, Sylar, Mom, Claire, Adam.)

Legsalot! (It's in 1-B, Female visual sleaze... Good thing it's just an Honourable Mention!)

And I notice Mom, Dad, and Thompson are up for Most Impressive Bullshitter... That's not going to be an easy vote...
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...oh god, Nathan's going to kill me. You can not believe how glad I am he's not trying to get into Congress now.

I can't really be the biggest slut... can I? Then again, it'd make Mom turn all kinds of interesting colours. And I guess I might seem like I'm... well, okay, yeah, maybe I'm kinda easy. But...

And future porn star, too? ::blushes:: Well, I probably could, yeah. But not for the money. But oh god, people, please why am I in that category along with [ profile] itsjustbob. I never, ever want that mental image again, kthx? I wonder if the Haitian does house calls...

And I am not clueless! Just because the Company snowed me so completely...

ooc: Seriously, folks, thank you so much for the nominations (I personally think the above fit Peter very well)! And also the Honourable Mention in part 4 -- that one's HUGELY appreciated! *hugs* Please feel free to vote for my silly boy if you'd like :D


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