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Typed while watching, blah blah blah spoilers and bitching.

1. Previously on: missed most of it switching tapes; was Matt warning Peter/trying to stop him retconned for this version, or did it happen last time? I don't really remember... And meanwhile, Pink Floyd plays in my head.

2. Sylar's not happy being all alone in the city... and look, there I am. And he starts out really happy to see me, but now he thinks I'm not real? Poor Sylar's starting to freak out... And once again, (though not after a battle killing everyone else in the world like the fic I wrote...) it's just me and Sylar, trapped, together, forever.

3. Samuel's trying to prove to Claire that Bennet's a bad guy. *sigh* Okay, this time Dreadlocks can *reveal* a person's memories. Is that what it was originally? I can't remember... Hee! Bennet was a used car dealer in 1985? I should do the math 'cause I'm not really sure that works... And who the fuck is THAT? No, seriously, who IS that? Okay, some Special's going to kill her and the kid, and he's going to join the Company because of it. *sigh* You folks make this way too easy. Could you be a LITTLE less predictable?

4. Yep, we're bitching at each other. Dude, if it's been a month, why don't you have a scary emo!beard? We have to break through, of course. Hey, I could write this stuff... *G*

5. Blondie's looking around the carnival. And runs into Emma. Obviously all carnivals have medical facilities with permanent shelves instead of portable stuff... And Emma sells her out. Way to go, Emma.

6. Bennet & Claire - y'know, I'd be less peeved if you hadn't stole half of my background for Thompson to give to Bennet. And Dreadlocks shows her more even though she doesn't want to. It's really not nice making Bennet live through this, don't you think it was painful enough the first time? Yep, here we have a nice patented Heroes String Map (TM). Bennet's going to accidentally shoot this guy, since he's always had a bit of a twitchy trigger finger. Oh, okay, not so accidentally. But no one's ever going to believe self-defense, so... And Claire is a lot more disturbed by that than you'd expect. He was attacked, you know. It *was* self-defense, just unprovable self-defense.

7. Movie ad. The Crazies? No, thanks, SO not interested.

8. Claire's going back to being peeved!Claire again. Yaaawn. Tired with this now. And YAY, THOMPSON! So smarmy, and SO Thompson... And there's Sandra! He married *because* of orders from the Company? Give me a fucking break. This year they've completely turned his family on its head, because until this shit, you could tell they loved each other. Now they've turned it all into bullshit. And now he's lurking in Claire's room & running into Gretchen -- and of course, they're going to turn his protectiveness into more crap. Blah blah blah. Buy a clue, guys: It doesn't make the show 'edgy', it just wrecks a popular character.

9. Do NOT mess around with my brother's memories, dude. Instead of yelling at each other, how 'bout you hit the damned wall? Prove to me you really want out!

10. Blondie tries to talk sense into Samuel. Yeah, that worked well.

11. Finally, Sylar tries. But we have to do it *together*. Thank you. Jeeze. Slow, both of you!

12. Samuel talking to Claire - oh for fuck's sake. You'd better be planning to stab him or something. Okay, that's better. Oh great, now Samuel wants to see people being afraid of him. Just nifty. Samuel, she doesn't WANT this new world, she just wants to live happily in the one that exists now! Oh, and now Blondie got away from the guy who snuck up on Bennet and got him. GIVE ME A BREAK! Stop making existing characters look bad to make the new ones look good, damn it! Oh yay, Samuel's burying them. And sending Jamie Maddrox off to deal with *someone* - no idea who...

13. Sylar & me. So now it's MY fault we're not getting out? Yay -- finally! Now, give me your ability, damn it! Oh crap, it's Jamie Maddrox...

14. Is Claire going to dig her way out like Buffy & Dean? I'm sure Adam's twitching right now. I know my typist is!

15. Next week: missed most of it, but that's nasty of Samuel. Heh. "I'm a hero."
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