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So, what on earth does one get for the man who has everything?

It would be so easy to take a quick peek here or there, see if there's something Adam wants but just hasn't asked for because either he hasn't consciously thought of it, or just doesn't want to bother anyone about it. Except that he's promised himself -- and Adam -- he won't pry. So he doesn't.

And therefore he has no clue what to get his husband for his birthday.


It's getting to be a little embarrassing...

But at least he knows where to start. Those cooking lessons they took together definitely come in handy -- he brings Adam a fancy crepe breakfast in bed.

After listening carefully and determining that Adam is still mostly asleep, he sets up the breakfast on a small table next to the bed as quietly as possible, then snuggles back in next to his husband and whispers in his ear, "Happy Birthday, love."
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It's one of those nights. He'd expect to look up past the lights of the city and see a full moon blazing in the sky, but it's still a bit lopsided, working its way to full but not quite there yet. And yet, the lunatics are out in force.

By the time he gets off shift and goes back home his nerves are jangled, every sense hyper-aware. The place is empty -- he can tell that Adam isn't there just by the way it feels -- and that only serves to intensify his discomfort. With a sigh he strips off his uniform and tosses it into the hamper, then heads for a long, hot shower.

As he's soaping his hair he reaches out with his abilities, relieved to find that Adam is heading back to the apartment. And when he reaches out further, just looking for each of his friends and family to know if they're safe, he realizes that Sylar is heading away from generally the same place that he picked up Adam's movements from. As he rinses himself clean, he wonders if they were out together tonight, and blinks in surprise at the slight flare of jealousy he feels at that.

Finally clean and dry, he settles on the couch waiting for Adam to come in, and the tension comes rushing back. After a short while, it's all he can do to keep from jumping to his feet and pacing back and forth, and when Adam's key turns the lock he does jump to his feet to greet his lover.

Instead of the welcome he planned, though, the first words out of his mouth are, "Where have you been?"
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He stopped by the restaurant and picked up dinner for both of them, getting Nathan's favourite dinner and a penne marinara with spicy sausage for himself. While he waited, he worried about how Nathan would take the various things he had to tell him. When he thought about everything that had happened since the last time they were really together it was nearly overwhelming. Him being with Adam, Sylar being their brother, and oh god, everything that had happened to him in that awful future. Not to mention everything he'd done there...

How on earth was he going to tell Nathan about all of that? But he had to -- he couldn't hide things from his brother, and Nathan needed to know what was going on.

He paid for their dinner, then took the bag of take-out boxes and headed down to a side alley. Once he was sure no one could see him, he faded from sight, then teleported into Nathan's living room and let himself become visible. "Delivery for Mr. Petrelli..."
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Hey, Nathan, um... there's some stuff that's happened, and some things I realized I might not have told you, and I think we need to talk. Let me know when you've got some time, and I'll drop by. Or you can come by my place, if you want. Just... let me know. Love you...

ooc: except we're going out to dinner so I'll be back later. Oops! :D
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Peter was concerned about what Adam had told him about Mohinder's experiments, and also about the quickly dropped side comment about things the Company had obviously been working on in the past. From what he had seen in the future that research had to be stopped -- or at least carefully protected -- or things would go so very wrong.

But that wasn't the issue at the moment. Mohinder was a decent man, and he was struggling with something Peter had gained an all-too-intimate understanding of recently. This was the least he could do to help, keeping an eye on the man so he didn't hurt anyone if he lost control. Adam was right -- he was perfectly suited to do so, between his telepathy and empathy he could sense if Mohinder was starting to lose control, and with his strength, telekinesis, and ability to stop time, he could stop the man before anything terrible happened.

He figured that most of the time Mohinder would actually be working on research and that he'd have to keep himself entertained, so he packed some recent nursing articles he needed to read, and the novel he was in the middle of. He wrote a quick note to Adam ("I have my cell, in case you need me for anything. Love, Peter"), then on impulse stuffed his sketchbook and pencils into his messenger bag along with everything else. He checked to make sure his phone was charged, although he suspected he could do that himself these days, then decided it was time to go.

Not wanting to startle Mohinder and start the day off badly, he teleported to the door of the loft that had been Isaac's studio and was now Mohinder's lab, and knocked.
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He couldn't stand to see her cry -- to be the cause of it -- and so he knew he had to bring her to Adam. Now. And of course, if he did it the way he planned to, she wouldn't actually know the location. Just in case that little niggly voice in the back of his head (the one that spoke with a Mancunian accent and reminded him from time to time that people weren't to be trusted) was right, and she was playing him.

He hated thinking that way about anyone, but he'd learned his lesson with his own mother and as much as what Marissa -- Mary -- was saying read true, there was still that tiny voice of doubt. He refused to even acknowledge the hint of fear that once Adam had his family back, he'd have no need of him...

So he nodded to Mary and told her, "Hang on tight, and don't be scared." Then he concentrated for a moment, feeling for Adam. He was at home in his apartment, and after a moment of thinking about others who might be visiting (Elle, Mom... and no, he was not going to think more about that at all. Ever.) he was relatively sure Adam was alone. He smiled, took Mary's hand and concentrated, teleporting to the hallway right outside Adam's apartment. "Are you okay?"
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OOC -- this came from one of my crazy theories about what the Company might be doing with Peter's DNA, why they didn't want to kill Sylar when they had him, and a number of other things. I had to write this up before it ate my brain. If no one wants to play in this universe, that's okay, but I had to get it out of my head ;)

AU -- unless it's not )

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